A pivotal moment for industry
Competition abroad and challenges at home have made the future of American industries the center of debate.

A decision for the future of healthcare

The 2020 election will impact the direction of healthcare as much as any industry, and those in it will face significant disruption while needing to stay ahead of emerging challenges.

Pharmacist examining commissioning machine in pharmacy
Life science supply chains in spotlight
Fate of ‘essential medicines’ executive order rests on November outcome
white house oval office
Election scenarios for health systems
Certain steps now can enable faster decision-making once votes are counted.

Reshaping and re-envisioning operations

The manufacturing sector has fueled much of the economic growth of the past eight years, only to be hit hard by COVID-19. This election’s outcome will be a turning point for American manufacturers.

Books in cupboard
The election’s impact on supply chains
Find out how the race results could reshape tax, tariff and trade laws.

An election of technology

The technology industry, a field that always operates ahead of the curve, will be affected not only by the election’s outcome, but how it is conducted.

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Tech transformation amid the election
Political turbulence is forcing companies to revise and adapt their approaches.

Dividends of digital transformation

Banks today are focusing on performance and innovation, contemplating how to fast-track digital transformation through enterprise. Navigate this new landscape and the election’s impact.


Preparing to embrace the future

COVID-19 has exposed nonprofits to threats at the moment when they are most vital to communities. This election will decide which course nonprofits should chart.

Choosing our nation’s tax future
This year’s election features two campaigns with two very different platforms on taxation. The future of stimulus legislation and tax reform are all in the balance.

See beyond traditional tax strategies

Our Washington National Tax Office helps you translate what’s happening on the floor of Congress and within presidential platforms so you know what your business must do next.

Supporters waving American flags at political campaign rally
Biden win promises a new tax policy agenda
Joe Biden’s win portends an important shift in outlook.
Woman speaking on phone
Election’s impact on bankruptcy tax issues
New tax laws could affect bankruptcy and distressed debt.

Excelling in an environment of disruption

Global risks, regulatory requirements and transformative technology impact how your business reports tax, and November may cause even more waves.

Woman with book and calculator on table
Payroll tax deferral guidance creates risk
The IRS issued guidance on Trump’s employee payroll tax deferral. We break it down.

Keep up with Congress

COVID-19 led to the historic passage of the CARES Act, but all parties agree more stimulus is needed. Stay on top of developments with our continuous coverage and analysis.

Lake and building
New stimulus offers $328 million in tax breaks
Bipartisan bill enhances employee retention credit, extends tax breaks
Tax Hot Topics newsletter
Democrats hold their line on COVID-19 stimulus
Democrats and Republicans are still at odds over a new stimulus package.
Securing a fair election
As record numbers of voters prepare to vote by mail, ensuring the security and integrity of elections has become a vital concern. In addition to COVID-19 safety concerns, states are forced to revisit assumptions about past voting operations.
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Election assurance in the time of COVID-19
From countering fraud and dark web threats to adapting to COVID-19’s challenges, our panel of experts discusses what must be addressed to protect the integrity of the 2020 election.
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Elections, policy & our economy

Chief Economist Diane Swonk and Public Policy National Managing Director Robert Shea discuss what’s at stake for the economy in this election. From the stimulus bill to the battle to end COVID, Shea and Swonk reveal what could lie ahead.
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