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Get there before the competition. In media, entertainment and sports, business models must be rapidly adapted in response to new needs and lifestyles. Leaders who seek diverse ideas will be in position to foresee radically different audiences and prepared to accommodate them.

As you approach new markets, scale and streamline operations, and plan to deliver newly appropriate experiences, our dedicated professionals can support you as we do our fast-growing innovator and publicly listed clients. Together we can predict and address the trends crucial to your existing and potential customers.

The types of companies we serve include:

  • Entertainment & content services
  • Video games
  • Sports, eSports & live events
  • Digital/traditional publishing
  • Advertising & adtech
  • Broadcasting




M&A deals

Get assistance all aspects of a deal, from strategy to valuation to due diligince and intigration or divestiture.

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Technology is transforming business on the front end and in the back office.

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Tax innovation

Pragmatic, insights-driven tax innovation augment business strategy.

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Optimize people, processes and technology for agility in a changing market.

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Understanding how to move from what now to what next is essential to turn today’s business challenges into tomorrow’s success. Subscribe to receive our latest event updates, thought leadership and insights on today’s critical topics including:

  • Accounting advisory
  • Audit, attest and SOC
  • Controls advisory and automation
  • Growth and customer strategy
  • Cyber and privacy
  • Operational improvement
  • Tax optimization strategies
  • Transaction, diligence and valuation

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