Your future is bright. Make it bolder.


Forget your expectations of what getting your start in professional services means. At Grant Thornton, we aren’t afraid to do things differently. We support who you are – as you are – and empower you with the resources and experiences that set you up for success from the start.


Growth programs


Jump-start your future


Want honest insights and personalized advice to help you launch your career? You’ve come to the right place. Apply for a growth program.

Grant Thornton’s growth programs give you the opportunities and experiences to discover a unique path that’s right for you. You’ll learn new skills, get real-world experience, work on case studies and more. You’ll get to know our people and what it’s like to work in our industry — meeting and learning from business leaders, senior executives, associates and professionals across the firm.




You’re more than an intern here


At Grant Thornton, we aren’t into checking off boxes or assigning you grunt work. Our internships are about giving you the real experiences you need to launch your career.

Whether it’s in Audit, Tax or Advisory, being a Grant Thornton intern means you’re part of the team. You’ll tackle real associate work and significantly contribute to what our firm achieves. You’ll leave with the valuable skills and experiences to further your career – all with the support of our community.


What moves you?


Advice is just the beginning


Business challenges aren’t one-size-fits-all and neither are our Advisory professionals. They represent a range of disciplines including accounting, finance, computer science and engineering and use that expertise to solve challenges and create meaningful results. Serving commercial and public sector organizations, these diverse teams work in lockstep with clients to build creative solutions, manage risks, boost operations and deliver bold thinking that unlocks their growth potential.

Have a passion for bold solutions and thinking outside the box? Look no further. As an Advisory intern, you’ll work alongside our senior level partners to help organizations of all sizes across various industries focus, transform and grow their businesses while discovering new skills and ways of thinking to take your ideas farther.

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There’s nothing average about audits here.


At Grant Thornton, our Audit Services practice is about more than high-quality financial statement audits. We look beyond accounting entries to analyze our client’s underlying activities and operations, leveraging state-of-the art tools and processes to conduct integrated audits of SEC issuers as well as financial statement audits for the privately owned.

As an Audit intern, you’ll have the chance to see the inner workings of some of the country’s most successful private and public companies. This unique exposure combined with our internship’s real-world approach offers you a deep understanding of business fundamentals and will set you up for greater success as your career continues to grow.

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Get ready for tax on a new level


Here, we don’t just crunch numbers. We collaborate to solve problems. Our Tax professionals bring more to the table than their knowledge of the tax code. They deliver creative thinking, industry experience and technical insight to tackle critical tax issues and their business effects for our clients. Using our proprietary methodology, Tax Symphony®, our teams help dynamic companies manage the complex and ever-changing tax landscape.

As a Tax intern, you are an integral part of helping our clients navigate and succeed against ever-evolving tax laws and their implications. Meaning, your internship gives you ongoing access to exciting new challenges and opportunities to learn something new.

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