Energy leaders reveal industry priorities

Survey provides insights to current concerns


Energy survey


Grant Thornton surveyed finance executives and CEOs of energy companies — oil and gas, utilities, renewables and energy transportation — to learn their biggest concerns for the next six months.


What’s in the report?

  • Addressing supply chain issues
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Setting priorities on capital management
  • Realizing cost efficiencies

Energy executives reveal industry priorities


“It’s not uncommon to find a considerable amount of debt in the capital structure in the energy industry. The reason is the industry is capital-intensive with significant tangible assets and large balance sheets.” — Bryan Benoit, national managing partner of Energy for Grant Thornton

“All companies know the names and locations of their primary suppliers, but they rarely know the other companies within their expanded supplier ecosystem. This introduces unknown and unmitigated risk to the supply chain operating model.” — Jonathan Eaton, a principal in Transformation at Grant Thornton



Energy webcast


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Managing risks in an unstable world


Our recent survey of energy company CFOs explores key challenges finance executives are facing, including global instability, inflation, working capital, ESG and talent strategy.

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