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Technology, media and telecommunications are marked by rapid innovation. Confidence comes from having someone with you at every step, and that’s why we curate industry teams for your tax, transformation and risk management strategies. Our customized teams evolve in sync with your growth and changing needs, to stay efficient, scalable and agile. Work with professionals who can address the challenges of today and help you anticipate change with confidence.


Sectors we serve

Media, entertainment and sports companies need to adapt quickly in response to new needs and trends. You need diverse ideas about how to streamline and scale your operations, as you reach new audiences and markets with new experiences. Get the perspective and insight that we’ve earned from serving fast-growing innovators and publicly listed clients.


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Funding, regulations, cybersecurity, software supply chains, competition, talent retention and business integration are evolving concerns for emerging FinTech companies. Gain experienced guidance from our specialists in risk management, growth strategy, tax regulations, assurance and financial planning, so that you’re ready to win in a competitive market.



Next-stage funding, market shifts, data privacy, digital tax, software supply chains and the battle for talent are challenging today’s software companies. Gain experienced guidance from our specialists in growth strategy, risk management, tax regulations, financial planning and M&A, so that you’re ready to adapt and grow.



The tech industry changes quickly, and constantly. To stay ahead, you need to adapt while staying focused on your unique vision. Get our experienced and partner-led service teams to help empower your transactions, market expansions, public offering or product launch — all at the pace of today.

As telecommunications companies evolve to drive IoT, 5G, virtual reality, smart cities and more, they also face evolving regulations, customer behaviors and competitive challengers. Get our perspective to help refine your business strategy and drive growth that puts you in control of the market.



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