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Get there before the competition. In media, entertainment and sports, business models must be rapidly adapted in response to new needs and lifestyles. Leaders who seek diverse ideas will be in position to foresee radically different audiences and prepared to accommodate them.


As you approach new markets, scale and streamline operations, and plan to deliver newly appropriate experiences, our dedicated professionals can support you, just as we do our fast-growing innovator and publicly listed clients. Together, we can predict and address the trends crucial to your existing and potential customers.


The types of companies we serve include:

  • Entertainment and content services
  • Video games
  • Sports, eSports and live events
  • Digital/traditional publishing
  • Advertising and adtech
  • Broadcasting

Sectors we serve

5G wireless tech, high-capacity networks, distribution models, on-demand video, programmatic audio, personalization, privacy, and advertising and licensing models — we help you create revenue models, maximize customer opportunities, optimize content delivery, and deliver simultaneous digital services.



Today’s companies must reimagine their business models to keep pace with changing consumption behaviors and nontraditional competitors. We assist in addressing key trends, including M&A, and the development and growth of 5G-enabled services and direct-to-consumer streaming business models.



Changing consumer habits fueled by the 2020 pandemic have left sports companies and venues facing an uphill battle to grow revenue, even as costs continue to rise. Winning will mean generating robust and diversified streams of revenue.



Advertising agencies have reaped the benefits of increased internet use and the popularity of streaming services. As digital advertising continues to grow, the fragmentation of audiences requires proper guidance to avoid wrong moves. We can help identify trends and advise on paths to growth.



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