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We’re helping create a future of golf that empowers and welcomes all. Because the game is at its best when we’re all playing together.
GT ambassadors
GT ambassadors GT ambassadors

Welcome to the Grant Thornton Invitational


Two tours. One competition. Progress doesn’t stop here.


Meet our team

We’re proud to be joined by some of golf’s brightest stars as we grow the game for all
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GT ambassadors
GT ambassadors GT ambassadors

Growing golf together

We’re working to make the game more inclusive for all
Here’s how
GT ambassadors
GT ambassadors GT ambassadors

Helping you make the game your own


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Swing it like Nelly


Why copy someone else’s swing? We’re here to help you master your own.


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Drive it like Tony


Get advice you can understand — from a coach who understands you.


We speak

big goals, growing your

business and changing

the game

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