Pandemic Risk Assessment: CARES Act Planner


Liquidity and effective tax rate management are critical to your business during this time of extraordinary economic pressure, Grant Thornton is ready to help. Our CARES Act Planner ties the details of the $2.3 trillion stimulus package directly to the tax needs of your business. By completing the Planner and discussing your unique situation with a Grant Thornton professional, you can help best manage your tax situation and explore possible benefits of the CARES Act for your business.

After reviewing your response, a Grant Thornton professional will schedule a time to discuss our insights and help you develop a deeper understanding of the CARES Act’s impacts to your business. The Cares Act Planner is the first step in an essential business conversation.

Please note that Grant Thornton understands the value of your business and information and will not use or disclose your responses except as needed by our professionals in order to discuss your responses and serve you. Your information will be used for no other purposes.

Grant Thornton’s Pandemic Risk Assessment is another vital tool that can help you identify, assess and react to your organization’s specific pandemic risks in four distinct Pandemic Impact Zones – Liquidity and Cash Flow Management, People & Labor, Supply & Demand, External Factors & Tax.

Terms of Use – CARES Act Planner.



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