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Business leaders in retail and consumer product companies confront many challenges today — from the innovation needs and risks of an online presence to optimizing the omnichannel customer experience and creating a retail community that will drive growth. As your business evolves, you must continually address these challenges to achieve your goals. Grant Thornton specialists in retail and consumer products bring practical experience serving companies in the industry to help you right-size your approach to balance inventory, access sales channels, and make the most of your customer loyalty programs. Mitigate cybersecurity risks, and optimize your operations to drive profitable growth.


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The eCommerce channel has experienced significant growth in recent years and is a critical element in creating a frictionless omnichannel experience. Managing security risks and complex tax reporting can create challenges. We can help you navigate these waters so you operate efficiently and effectively in the markets you serve.



Brick-and-mortar locations have had to adjust to the demands of customers who expect their stores to accommodate their shopping preferences, no matter what channel they choose. Our teams have the knowledge of how to manage your operational capabilities to better serve today’s savvy consumers.



Today’s consumers are channel agnostic and enjoy having multiple options available to shop. Brands have benefited from the expansion of online marketplaces that bring buyers and sellers together, taking the omnichannel experience to another level. Ensuring you have the right control environment, reporting structure and inter-relationship with other sales channels are key elements to connecting with your customer community.



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