2024 forecast for healthcare seeks to clarify trends


Leaders of healthcare organizations have long been dealing with workforce shortages and tight margins that continually require them to make difficult decisions. But the industry continues to be a dynamically changing field, as new healthcare models, advancing technology and diverse sources of funding continue to both put pressure on the practice of medicine and provide it with opportunities.


Grant Thornton National Managing Principal of Healthcare David Tyler has been closely following trends in medicine and, in this webcast, discusses what he regards as the most important considerations leaders of healthcare organizations must heed to keep their organizations stable and growing. David discusses how personalization options will increasingly guide how medical care is delivered, even as automating processes become more important. On the financial side, David talks about how the prevalence of private equity funding in the industry should continue, along with pressures to consolidate on the health system front. Finally, David talks on how a focus on fundamentals must be the basis for success throughout a healthcare system. 


Find out what lies ahead for healthcare organizations in 2024 in the latest from our industry series.


4:15 | Transcript



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