My career is built on connection

My story of expectations, redefined


We’re real at Grant Thornton

Before joining Grant Thornton, I thought working in professional services would be just that — work. I pictured no work-life balance and coworkers who lived, breathed and talked about work nonstop. But at Grant Thornton, my assumptions were proved wrong. And after six years at the firm, the people and the connections I’ve made are a big part of what makes me stay.

I’m building bonds

Here, the culture facilitates real connection. My teammates and I have regular social hours, and our rule is we have to talk about something other than work. The firm also organizes days of recognition, like Inclusion Day, that facilitate relationship building. Being in an environment where we actually get to know each other means we're more comfortable collaborating — and our work is better, too.


“My ability to form connections outside of my work has not only made such a positive impact on my mental health — it’s helped grow my career at Grant Thornton.”

—    Darrin Williams

         Manager, Advisory Services


I’ve found balance

Here, business is more personal, which has made a difference in my work-life balance — and my career growth. My team knows what’s going on in each other’s lives, so we can set and respect each other’s boundaries. The collaborative environment also helps me grow as a manager. I know I can set expectations and have trust in my team, which benefits my work and my relationship with my job.


I’m leading with purpose

I'm even able to connect my passion for service to my work. Leading our Disability Alliance and Veterans and Allies business resource groups (BRGs) allow me to collaborate with teammates on issues I care about and that benefit the firm. I feel like my voice matters and is included. As a manager, I'm proud to set an example for making a difference at work by advocating for issues you believe in.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Mean gravy Mean gravy
Every Friendsgiving...
I make a mean gravy. Let me know if you want the secret!
Veterans Veterans
I'm passionate about…
advocating for veterans. I do that through my participation of our Veterans & Allies BRG, and also by spending weekends volunteering at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.
Snowboarding Snowboarding
I love snowboarding...
and my favorite trip so far has been to Whistler, just north of Vancouver, Canada.
Byoself purple Byoself purple
I bring my own self by...
being unapologetically me — even in ways I once downplayed. I used to avoid discussing the hair loss I experienced after brain surgery, but now, I know opening up only benefits my relationships.

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