Streamline tax processes with ONESOURCE


How we work with ONESOURCE


Grant Thornton implements and customizes Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE tax software with proven tax expertise and process automation experience.

Here’s how Grant Thornton and ONESOURCE work together to help clients stay updated and streamlined in their corporate tax and trade compliance processing:





ONESOURCE provides


  • A central platform that standardizes and streamlines tax processes for faster completion, more accurate information and better business decisions
  • A suite of process management tools and automation capabilities for managing daily workflow, audits, reporting, compliance and more
  • Web-based comprehensive capabilities to help ensure quick, consistent and cost-efficient system maintenance



Grant Thornton provides


  • Implementation services with experience at integrating a range of ERP, billing and procurement solutions
  • Tax specialists with expertise in corporate tax reporting and compliance
  • Business process and support specialists to help maximize business efficiency, plan system customizations and drive ongoing solution adoption and maintenance

Together, Grant Thornton and ONESOURCE help you implement and maintain corporate tax and trade compliance processing that is centralized, standardized and streamlined. It’s just one of the strategic alliances that help Grant Thornton drive more value for our customers.




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