Software as a service
Stop using spreadsheets and manual processes to validate data for HMDA LAR preparation and submission.

Start bringing structure and rigor to your current HMDA testing by licensing the HMDA eTool while relying on your own auditors.

Grant Thornton's HMDA eTool can be leveraged in a SaaS environment.

The HMDA eTool enables organizations to more efficiently review their HMDA LAR data, allowing for more records to be reviewed, and to help mitigate the potential for data errors and anomalies during the regulator's review.
Grant Thornton and event featuring Nichole Jordan and Diane Swonk
HMDA Plus full service option
Full-service data review and scrubbing
Rely on the audit and industry knowledge, and technology expertise of the Grant Thornton team for full service HMDA LAR reviews and submission file preparation.

Mortgage lenders who do not have the resources to dedicate to full-time reporting or want to use the resource they do have to perform more value creation activities, can leverage the HMDA eTool and full HMDA data integrity services of the Grant Thornton team.

Shifting data validation to an external company creates efficiencies which can decrease compliance costs while also improving the quality of the submitted data.

"I saw the facilities. I met the people. I was impressed by the technology platform. I had not actually worked with Grant Thornton in the past, so I took a little bit of a chance. I was extremely pleased on how well it went, and how well they pulled this big project off for us."

Chief Compliance Officer, Top 10 mortgage servicer