Board Governance in a Time of Disruption
Is your board prepared for economic changes and innovation in this age of disruption? Join Grant Thornton in partnership with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) for an exclusive conference call about the role boards play in monitoring the evolving economic and technological landscape.

To help address shifts in the economic environment, Grant Thornton’s Chief Economist Diane Swonk will provide key takeaways from the March 21 Federal Reserve meeting. Diane will interpret policies indicated by new chairman, Jerome Powell, during his first live press conference, analyze new economic forecasts from other Fed officials, and discuss anticipated interest rate changes.

Next, leaders will discuss how boards are governing the changing business including innovation, sustainable growth, automation, workforce reskilling and emerging technologies.

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Grant Thornton economic outlook event featuring Nichole Jordan, Diane Swonk, Peter Gleason, Jeff Burgess, and Sheila Hooda