Recession, risk and trade top 2020 pharma issues

2020 Life Sciences Audit Committee Outlook


Preparation, mitigation key issues facing pharma


Along with a looming recession and rising risks, pharmas will square off with tariffs and retaliations that have the potential to drive medium- or long-term structural change to the international trade order. Our outlook provides guidance as they wrestle with significant issues:


What’s in the report ?

  • Understanding how to prepare for and grow through a recession
  • Reconsidering investments to hold the line on revenue and headcount
  • Adequacy of skill sets to manage technology, growth and liability risks
  • Uncertainty about escalating supply chain and delivery costs
  • Short-term worries about legislation to reduce brand-name drug prices
  • Long-term concerns about China’s drive to own medical market share majority

“Prepare to solve 2020’s challenges by taking a bolder approach to focus on performance threats and tackle emerging and atypical risks that may not yet be recognized as bona fide threats.”