Solving complex corporate issues with holistic value creation
Grant Thornton’s comprehensive suite of Corporate Value Consulting solutions centers on measuring value while helping organizations make better, more informed decisions. We help expedite the deal process, from board-level financial decisions pivoting on fairness and solvency to timely advice on value measurements stemming from tax strategies and accounting regulations, as well as the significance of capital asset value on your balance sheet. Look to us for advice on valuation, diligence, strategic solutions and tax.
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Boards of directors and trustees frequently call on Grant Thornton to advise them on matters of value and transactions. Our team provides transaction opinions on fairness, solvency, capital adequacy, Delaware tests, M&A advisory services and other quantitative analyses to facilitate board-level decisions that affect shareholder value.
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Capital asset value is vital to a strong balance sheet. Grant Thornton provides asset values for any premise of value, whether you need asset-based lending, securitization or debt restructuring, insurance, taxation or financial reporting to investors. We serve our clients in multiple industries and geographies.
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Reduction of property taxes through property assessment analysis, accelerating depreciation, tracking assets and unbundling of equipment purchases.
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Grant Thornton serves a wide variety of industries, Fortune 500, Russell 2000 and private equity clients in making the most accurate measure of fair value for financial reporting to investors. From tangible property to intangible assets and complex financial instruments, we have the experience to rapidly render and support our opinions.
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From opinions on business, financial interests or asset value to measuring the effect on shareholder value from alternative tax strategies, we have the experience to offer industry-specific advice on U.S. and international matters. Make Grant Thornton your choice to offer a comprehensive shareholder-focused approach when dealing with the IRS or international regulatory agencies.
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Our dedicated structured product solutions (SPS) team brings deep industry expertise and experience to all stages of the structured product life cycle. The team has nationwide offices and experience in various sectors, including banking, financial services, asset management and financial sponsors.
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