Helping agencies improve their performance
To help federal, state, and local agencies achieve their missions, our professionals advise you in planning, maximizing resources and leveraging unforeseen challenges — with all efforts focused on providing essential services to the American public. We collaborate with government executives to identify critical goals and objectives, chart the path to accomplish them, and establish mechanisms to monitor progress and change course as evidence warrants.
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Fulfilling mission more effectively through a citizen-centered approach. Through deeper understanding of your customers, whether external (e.g., voters, consumers, Congress and media) or internal (staff), you can build solutions and services that align directly to the needs of your customers and citizens. Our framework focuses on citizen-centric culture and strategy; citizen insights; and experience design, enhancement and analytics.
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Systematic integration of data, creativity and customer input to develop communications strategies and products to increase understanding, improve buy-in, enhance brand recognition, and deliver measurable outcomes that support your business objectives. Our change management specialists work with you to build lasting systems and skills to achieve today’s and tomorrow’s business goals and expand your capacity for change long term.
Evidence-based policymakingIcon plus black
Using data and evidence to inform short- and long-term policy decisions. We work with you to identify optimal sources of existing data and information, analyze the evidence, and substantiate decisions to drive resources to more proven practices. In accordance with the drive for evidence-based policymaking, we coordinate activities with Evaluation Officers, Chief Data Officers, and other critical stakeholders.
Performance managementIcon plus black
Establishing performance measures that translate broad direction into specific, definable results; indicating program accomplishments and achievement of desired results; providing a basis for evaluating program progress and making adjustments; and determining if program resources are effectively allocated. Through our process, your organization can incorporate these measures into governance processes to drive decisions and results. You can communicate progress against goals to a wide variety of audiences via our dashboards and reports.
Results-based budgeting Icon plus black
Integrating measurable performance into the budgeting process to improve results achieved with dollars spent, helping defend budgets based on rigorous evidence, and equipping agency leaders to communicate progress to stakeholders. We support all phases of the planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process, providing a systematic, repeatable mechanism for creating outputs; interacting with the budget offices and legislatures; justifying resources necessary to execute current and future-year strategic goals; and aligning mission with operations.
Strategic planningIcon plus black
Developing effective strategies that measurably improve performance. We work with you to understand your operating environment; define your preferred future state and bring it to life through goals, objectives and action steps; and create a strategic management review process. Our services are in accordance with federal (e.g., OMB Circular A-11), state, and local requirements and best practices that incorporate customer insights, design thinking, and continuous performance monitoring and measurement.