Clearer property tax compliance


Map and manage your property tax data with ptvault.x


ptvault.x modernizes property tax compliance


ptvault.x is an intuitive solution that helps your customer service representatives, tax departments and other teams improve efficiency and accuracy. Teams can quickly identify and track vehicle lease details and property tax information for leased properties.


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More transparency
Users have one quick place to get answers from real-time data.
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Better accuracy
Geo-coding helps identify a property’s reporting tax jurisdictions and tax rates.
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Automated billback
Automation identifies the tax amounts for scheduled pass-through to lessees.

Clarify your tax compliance with data-driven insight


Real-time data


Authorized users can access real-time data on property taxes, including images of tax bills, receipts and other documents.


Validated OCR


Our OCR tool extracts data with 98% accuracy — then, its built-in validations further eliminate errors before putting the data into import templates.


Advanced estimation


Property taxes are sometimes paid 18 months after the liability is incurred, but our estimation tool helps determine future tax liabilities so you can plan to collect tax in advance by monthly installments or at the end of a lease.


Data analytics integration


The solution database can integrate with most analytical and transformation tools, easily connecting with Microsoft Power BI, Domo, Alteryx, and other tools to create reports and drive informed decisions.


ptvault.x by the numbers


ptvault.x empowers you with answers. It helps customer service representatives directly answer property tax questions from lessees, and it provides information to accelerate and simplify the recovery of taxes paid.





automobile VINs maintained and matched via geo-coding to necessary tax jurisdictions





tax bills process annually, using optical character recognition to validate required data efficiently and accurately





work hours saved in one year, thanks to automation and easy access to real-time data




What ptvault.x has done


Find out how ptvault.x helped a car leasing program accelerate compliance.


ptvault.x helped cut the time required for customer service responses by about 25%, and the time required for tax compliance by about 75%.


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