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SOC.x is how Grant Thornton automates and standardizes reports and analysis. It combines automation, standardization and productivity tools that help you gain better insights with more efficiency.


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Greater efficiency
Automation fuels a “test once, apply many” approach that is tailored to the reports you need.
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More consistent reporting
The web-based application with standardized reporting templates provides consistent quality.
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Better insights
Better reporting, tools and review capabilities help you focus on the highest risks.

Drive reports with a new level of efficiency


Scalable automation


A “test once, apply many” approach reduces inconsistencies and saves you time reconciling variances from one control to another, or from one report to the next.


Standardized reports


Report templates drive consistency and deliver reports that meet your needs every time, nationally and internationally.


Adaptive capabilities


Dynamic control sets help us keep pace with the constant changes in the environments that you face.


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