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Control testing has been the same for decades: It’s a burden, but it’s unavoidable — those are the standard expectations.

cta.x goes beyond those expectations. It isn’t just automation. It delivers business value that keeps you ahead of your challenges and competitors. cta.x can make your risk management and compliance activities more data-driven, integrated and automated. It quickly pinpoints risks and provides dynamic context with data you can use to drive decisions. That improves efficiency and confidence in your control environment. And that’s why a growing number of organizations have used automation to get more value from their control testing — turning the old, expected burden into an unexpected competitive edge.


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Richer insights
Get dynamic contextualized information that drives decisions. Rather than just asking what percent you need to test, cta.x can test all transactions – illuminating richer insights and a deeper understanding of risks.
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Quicker risk identification
Pinpoint risks in minutes rather than months, so you can react right now. cta.x not only automates control data testing, it illustrates results and potential risks with interactive dashboards, reports and time-series trending across all of the tested transactions.
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Better business value
Spend more time on work with business benefits, shifting away from manual data gathering and manipulation to anomaly detection and root cause analysis. cta.x helps drive better team engagement and a greater impact on measurable business value.

See cta.x in action


Our short video tour of cta.x shows you what the solution can do, how it looks and how it helps you automate controls for better efficiency, insights and value. 


Integrate automation that’s ready to drive value


Comprehensive scope


cta.x technology goes beyond standard automation, by using a data-centric approach to automate the control testing process end-to-end, including reporting.


No-code logic builder


cta.x provides a codeless interface with models that let users configure logical test procedures, eliminating the need to maintain code or the associated skillsets.


Library of control templates


Accelerate transformation using pre-configured templates with common internal controls for your industry, business process or compliance framework.


Consistent and dynamic reporting


Go from inspection to analysis by replacing static “paperwork” documents with seamless and dynamic dashboards and reports.


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