Optimized tax technology implementation


Tailor software maintenance with te.x


te.x streamlines indirect tax engine maintenance


te.x uses the power of automation to help you implement and maintain a tax engine with speed, efficiency and quality. Help your tax function improve your indirect tax determination and reporting.


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Tailored implementation
Securely using your business data, te.x customizes your implementation to match your unique needs.
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Easier maintenance
Automation streamlines maintenance and upgrades tasks to help ensure that your solution stays efficient and up to date.
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Greater returns
With implementations that are customized and up to date, you can save time and decrease the cost of delivery.

Streamline implementations with automated insight


Consistent documentation


te.x automatically generates clear documentation. That means the document structures are always consistent with your understanding, and your configuration.


Responsive tests


te.x automation generates and validates test scenarios based on the tax footprint and business requirements.


Tailored configuration


The tax engine configuration is automatically generated from your tax and design requirements.


Advanced reports


te.x simplifies the work of dissecting existing implementations by turning tax engine export files into visually appealing reports.


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