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Personal property tax compliance guidelines vary throughout the US. So, it's a daunting task for nationwide leasing companies to report and process the right property tax payments on behalf of their customers. A US car manufacturer’s lease program needed a better way to manage and analyze the tax data for all of its leases. The company’s tax specialists were spending too much time capturing, calculating, processing and validating the taxes on vehicles. Plus, customer service representatives had trouble finding and sharing all of the billing details with lease customers.

The company needed a faster and clearer way to process tax data, so that it could easily demonstrate compliance and itemize customer charges.




Grant Thornton tax specialists brought the problem to alyx. The alyx platform combined a team of property tax and digital specialists with the right technology to create a solution that digitizes, analyzes and classifies tax data. The new solution uses optical character recognition to quickly capture and process tax bills, uses geo-coding to help determine local tax rates and then uses analytics to validate the data. The solution even uses automation to efficiently file returns, pay invoices and provide pass-through billback information to clients.

The company’s vehicle tax data is now more validated and accessible for internal teams. Secure access controls and visualizations give the tax and customer service teams the information they need, quickly and consistently.




The streamlined processing, validated data and consistent access have reduced response times by about 25% for the customer service team, boosting customer satisfaction. The improvements have also simplified the tax team’s compliance tasks, reducing the time required by an estimated 75% so that team members can focus more time on their decisions with the confidence that they have the right information.


This project was just one of the solutions that make our clients thankful they can call on the power of alyx:




Donald L. Lippert Jr.

Don Lippert is a principal with Grant Thornton LLP specializing in property tax services. He has over 25 years of professional experience.

Chicago, Illinois

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