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qm.x delivers automation with a user perspective


It’s challenging to implement and maintain quality management that meets standards like ISQM 1. qm.x combines the knowledge of our CPAs with the power of automation, to help you facilitate compliance — now, and in the future.


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Customized efficiency

Automation provides speed, while customization lets you tailor the solution for your evolving needs.

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Framework for quality

The unified interface gives your team the tools to design, document and test your system of quality management.

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Proven knowledge

Our alyx® platform helped us design automation with guidance from our CPAs.


The qm.x video tour


Our three-minute video tour of qm.x shows you exactly what the solution can do, how it looks and how it helps facilitate compliance with less manual work.



The qm.x 30-day commitment-free trial

Why not try it out? See for yourself how you can customize qm.x. Create multiple relationships with quality objectives, risks and responses. The intuitive testing, findings, deficiency and remediation workflow drive interactive dashboards that show you what you want to know.


ISQM 1 insights



ISQM 1 resources


Grant Thornton cannot opine on the ISQM 1 standard or what your organization must do to meet it. However, here are some ISQM 1 resources that can help:


Johnson Global Accountancy


Johnson Global Accountancy, our system integration partner, advises U.S. and international firms on the design, implementation and compliance for the new quality management standards, including ISQM 1 and SQMS 1.



IAASB standard


The IAASB provides resources to help firms understand the standard.



AICPA standard


The AICPA also provides resources and guidance on ISQM.



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