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empower.x helps you navigate change efficiently

Change is hard. At an enterprise level, change is also complex, slow and unpredictable. The complexity of stakeholder needs and issues can delay adoption and limit success of planned changes. To drive change, you need more than a successful launch — you need successful adoption. empower.x combines our proven processes with automation technology to empower successful change management programs with confidence.

Faster adoption

Streamlined change activities improve data analysis, inform decisions and accelerate change.

Better engagement

Change management insight guides ongoing stakeholder engagement.

Measurable results

Data and visualizations pair with our insight and objective analysis to drive progress you can see.

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Drive change with confidence


Our empower.x solution helps you drive enterprise change that is more standardized, less manual and more efficient. It also helps you monitor progress with analysis and visualizations that illustrate the adoption and readiness you’ve achieved.

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