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Drive change adoption with empower.x


empower.x helps you navigate change effectively 


Change is hard. At an enterprise level, change is also complex, slow and unpredictable. empower.x combines our proven processes with automation technology to help you drive change with confidence.


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Faster adoption
Streamlined tasks and insightful analytics help you drive faster action and adoption.
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Better engagement
Change management insight helps to guide ongoing stakeholder engagement.
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Measurable results
Data and visualizations pair with our insight and objective analysis to illustrate progress that you can see.

Drive change with coordinated clarity


Facilitate effective communications


With built in workflows and clear visualizations, empower.x improves how communications are managed.  


Manage a network of change agents


The change agent function helps you mobilize and track a network of change agents across the organization.


Collect and analyze data 


Leaders have dynamic dashboards that improve insight and highlight the opportunities to engage and support team members through complex changes.


What empower.x has done


A global manufacturer needed to implement a new ERP solution across multiple sites, including recent acquisitions. empower.x helped the implementation’s change management team manage and show organizational change for the implementation. 


empower.x helped the change management team efficiently plan, communicate, train and track the change required, reducing manual work by about 15%.


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