Status Quo believes innovation is a voice—usually its own voice, all too often shouting in the latest buzzwords, repeating the latest trends. But Status Go? It knows that you won’t lead if you don’t first listen.

At Grant Thornton, innovation starts with what our clients say: who they are and who they want to be, who they want to reach, and how they define success. Then we face challenges head-on, collaborating on a jargon-free path to measurable return, and quickly.

By listening first, we ensure that we’ll get to enjoy our clients’ success stories later. That’s all we need to hear.

Man and woman working at computer

“They honestly care that we are successful, which is really important for me. They want to get across the finish line with me.”

Edward Aleman, Vice President, Business Services, Caesars Entertainment

“I saw the facilities. I met the people. I was impressed by the technology platform. I had not actually worked with Grant Thornton in the past, so I took a little bit of a chance. I was extremely pleased on how well it went, and how well they pulled this big project off for us.”

Chief Compliance Officer, Top 10 Mortgage Servicer

"During the request for proposal for internal audit work I learned about how you measure your success — it is tied to client service. That is a differentiator between Grant Thornton and the big firms."

Troy Vanke, Chief Accounting Officer, Caesars Acquisition Company and Caesars Interactive Entertainment