Advance from survival to strategy with our 2020 tax planning guide
New interpretations of tax reform and states’ reaction to the Wayfair decision have redefined how corporations should best approach tax planning. Our 2020 Tax Planning Guide shows how your business can make the most of tax-mitigation opportunities when planning your 2020 tax season.

What you’ll learn from the guide:
  • Why you should investigate new revenue recognition methods
  • How a state tax diagnostic can fine-tune your tax analysis
  • Why all your international planning needs to change
  • How C-suite compensation packages can be a surprise during a business acquisition

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5 ways to maximize tax savings

The IRS used much of 2019 to finalize guidance on the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The huge corporate tax cut was unaffected, but rules for international operations, compensation and benefits and M&A all were modified. Our video highlights five important ways your company can use the changes for tax savings.
Taking the initiative on taxes
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act revolutionized tax planning for public businesses, providing huge corporate tax cuts and transforming international taxation among its many far-reaching provisions. Interpreting how the TCJA applies to your company has been a guessing game at times, but two years in, most of the new rules have been clarified by the IRS. Our webcast provides more insight on how you can go from reactive to proactive when planning this year’s taxes.
Webcast: curved steps

What we cover in our webcast
Our experts discuss tax issues many private businesses face this time of year, including:
  • GILTI and FDII
  • Revenue recognition
  • Post-Wayfair state tax structures
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