inter.x streamlines management of intercompany transactions

Intercompany transactions are a common culprit of corporate financial restatements – and are frequently associated with fraud or sham transactions. Disparate enterprise resource planning systems prevent a clear line of sight into cash positions across the organization, and into compliance with transfer pricing policies. That is why Grant Thornton has launched inter.x – a system that uses blockchain technology to provide transfer pricing analytics and transparency for intercompany transactions.
Icon right size scaled Immutable data
An immutable blockchain audit trail lets you track and account for intercompany transactions with audit data integrity that cannot be changed over time.
Icon currency yen cycle purple Transfer pricing data analytics
The intuitive dashboard helps you make better business decisions about your supply chain and drill down into key details.
Icon: Graph increasing black Treasury and cash insights
In-depth analysis gives you greater visibility into specific entity settlement and your cash position.
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Start simplifying transactions
The inter.x solution streamlines out-of-sync, decentralized processes into an efficient and reliable system, providing the visibility and transparency needed to analyze your intercompany transactions around the globe.

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