Designing the right people plan to move your business forward
At Grant Thornton, we believe that people can be a company’s greatest asset. With the right plan in place, every employee has the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success and move a business forward.

With the skills and experience of our Human Capital Services consultants, we’ll work with your professionals to understand your HR and finance goals, and design a custom people plan that supports your business strategy.
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Beyond planning, we can assist with sourcing and selecting benefit plan vendors, communicating your benefit plans to employees and conducting best-practices reviews.
From stock options to nonqualified deferred compensation plans, we can help you explore the right compensation plans for all employees.
Human resources
We’ll provide guidance for comprehensive, cost-effective HR plans that help you reward and retain your employees, while achieving your financial and business goals.
Global mobility
We offer strategic tax planning advice to help manage costs and assignments related to international work.
Actuarial services
Our actuaries and advisors can help you avoid hidden risks and increased balance sheet volatility associated with pensions and retiree health care benefits. We’ll evaluate your benefit program, develop effective management strategies, and manage cost and risk.
Employment tax
We’ll help keep you compliant with federal and state laws, while looking for ways to manage your employment tax costs.
Stay a step ahead: Put people first
Today’s strategic differentiator is people. In today’s increasingly competitive and globally-integrated environment, business improvement starts with people performance. Prepare for the latest wave of workplace effectiveness, talent, and global mobility priorities by subscribing to our latest insights, alerts and event updates.
  • Executive and employee compensation trends
  • Global mobility issues
  • Employee benefits
  • Culture impact on policies
  • Employment taxes