Innovation drives audit quality and adds value to businesses
Audits of organizations holding and/or transacting in digital assets require continuous innovation, dedicated infrastructure, high-quality data analytics and real-world experience with this rapidly evolving space. At Grant Thornton, we have developed a world-class technology platform and best-practice audit methodology, including advanced data mining and reporting capabilities, allowing us to address over 40 digital asset classes (and hundreds of thousands of ERC-20 compliant tokens).

We deliver:
  • Financial statement audits to address investor and/or regulatory reporting requirements
  • Internal audit services to evaluate the design and effectiveness of operational/financial controls
  • SOC reporting for service and custody platforms
  • Attestation/agreed-upon procedures for stablecoins
Financial statement auditsdown arrow
We deliver financial statement audits for organizations with both domestic and global operations. These audits allow our clients to meet their investor and/or regulatory reporting requirements within the dynamic digital asset environment.
Forensic data analytics
The complex nature of the digital assets environment requires a detailed understanding of both the architecture of distributed ledgers and a reliable mechanism for extracting useful content from same. Our forensic data analytics teams deliver just that, working in concert with our audit specialists.
Internal audit services
To evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of operational and financial controls related to digital assets, we combine a detailed understanding of distributed ledger technology with deep experience in the detailed testing of internal controls.
Attestation, agreed-upon procedures
The ever-evolving digital assets landscape requires independent reviews of all kinds. Our Grant Thornton specialists have you covered — from SOC reporting for digital assets service and custody platforms to attestation and agreed-upon procedures for stablecoins.
Corporate compliance
A strong compliance program can oftentimes be the best defense for a business and public, alike. We’ll help protect you and your customers. We help fight bribery, fraud, risk, money laundering and financial crimes with a compliance program framework, to manage a variety of compliance risk areas during assessments and anticipatory work, as well as design and corrective work.
Forensic investigations
The digital asset arena complicates many traditional types of inquiry. Traditional methods of evidence collection and analysis are fundamentally different for matters involving insurance claims, fraud and theft of digital assets. Our Forensic Technology Services team can help clients navigate these waters.
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