Grant Thornton Political Pulse

How will results of the 2016 US election affect you?
President Trump and new members of the 115th Congress will be sworn into office in January. What will this new political landscape mean for business and federal agencies?

Tax reform

Legislative outlook

Tax reform that your business experiences under a new president depends on unity, and the driver, goals and costs.

Top 10 election takeaways

These factors will influence the future

Policy decisions and regulations of the next two to four years will determine the environment for business.

Post-election scenarios

Oxford Economics assesses effects

The head of U.S. macroeconomics anticipates economic and political effects. Prepare your business for the outcomes.

Looking to Congress for change

Legislation can provide equal opportunity

Congress will need education about business and input on policies that support innovation and growth.

Tax law change

Stunning upset victory portends uncertainty

Although Republicans will control the White House and Congress, major tax changes still face hurdles.

The view from abroad

Short-term volatility, long-term protectionism

Our global neighbors have great interest in the election outcome; see this outline of some of their expectations about the implications.


From now to next

President-elect Trump begins the transition to running the country.

Businesspeople: Stay involved

Political indifference makes a difference

Populism has affected the U.S. election and global events like Brexit. Political disengagement could create an anti-business environment and possibly hit your bottom line.

All I want from Congress...

A wish list from Grant Thornton industry leaders

See if you agree with the one thing industry leaders would ask for on behalf of their industry.

Brexit resources for businesses

Information to help you assess how Brexit will affect your business
The UK’s decision to leave the EU has impacted businesses around the world. The short-term effect has been increased volatility and uncertainty, with long-term effects still unclear. We’ve assembled the resources and information you need as you start preparing for what’s next.

Regulatory compliance support

Get ready for twists and turns
Complying with regulations may sound like an elementary exercise, but the reality can be twists and turns. How you comply today will shape how you get where you’re going — and even whether you reach your goals. We can help you better understand, prepare for and follow guidance in the latest big regulatory areas. Check out what you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and tax reform.

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