ESG fraud: New solutions for new risks

A proactive approach to mitigating ESG fraud


How to prevent ESG fraud today


ESG efforts are in the crosshairs. One false ESG move can go viral in an instant and leave your organization in a maelstrom. Understanding and controlling ESG fraud is vital in this environment. Our report, published with the ACFE, details the proactive approach for organizations to take.



What’s in the report

  • Understand ESG’s role in your success today
  • Learn to define and recognize ESG fraud
  • Develop strategies to mitigate ESG fraud

Why a proactive approach to fighting ESG fraud matters


An executive posts personal views on a controversial topic on social media. Evidence of unfair labor practices surfaces. A supplier is discovered to be a major polluter. In the age of cancel culture, where stories go viral in an instant, issues like this strike fear in the hearts of executives everywhere.

ESG issues are major considerations for investors, the public and your employees. But, as with many new trends, ESG regulatory and reporting frameworks are struggling to keep pace. Understanding how ESG programs impact your organization and getting a clear view of new and emerging ESG fraud risks can help your organization address those risks in a structured, holistic manner.

Published in conjunction with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), our report details why organizations that take a proactive approach to mitigating ESG fraud will have a unique competitive advantage and will be better prepared to tackle complex environmental, social and governance issues head on.