Laying the foundation for manufacturing innovation
The U.S. manufacturing sector has experienced a renaissance fueled by tax-reform, and domestic and global demand. However, the environment is not without numerous challenges. Leading manufacturers are innovating and transforming their organizations, operations, technology and cultures now to meet the challenges and position themselves for long-term success. Our roots are in the heartland, and Grant Thornton has served manufacturers since we were founded. Leveraging deep experience in manufacturing business cycles across a wide range of sectors, we deliver pragmatic, innovative and transformative solutions in areas such as the following.
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The financial audit is evolving. Advanced analytics, big data and AI are delivering enhanced quality and value along with actionable business insights. Implementations of new accounting standards and regulations are creating opportunities to transform accounting and finance functions.

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Federal tax
Keeping up with federal tax requirements takes more than due diligence; it requires fully skilled professionals dedicated to driving your department forward through human intelligence and cutting-edge technology. We apply practical intelligence and data-driven insights to improve competencies.

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State + local tax
Our SALT professionals deliver actionable advice based on strategic assessments, helping you address any tax issue your business may face. Credits and incentives, income and franchise taxes, unclaimed property taxes, sales and use taxes, and controversy support are just the beginning.

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Business risk
Evolving trade and tariff policies, geopolitical or climate-related disruptions, rapidly changing customer preferences and the cost to deliver, digitalization of the supply chain and more are demanding new strategies to maximize efficiency and manage risk.

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Business tech
With digital disruption the new normal, manufacturers must design, build and transform their organizations to deliver the agility, results and value demanded by the digital world.

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Today’s deals hinge on multiple success factors. It has never been more critical to formulate strategy, evaluate opportunities, mitigate risks and manage complexities in order to capture optimal value from your transaction.

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Trade / supply chain

Getting the USMCA passed through Congress is a must for manufacturers. We track the path.

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Technology is transforming business on the client site and in the back office.

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Wayfair is prompting companies to evaluate their long-term tax strategy.

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Lease accounting

Becoming lease compliant is one thing. Staying compliant is another.

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