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It started with a
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When we met Find Your Anchor founder Ali Borowsky, we were inspired by her organization’s grassroots approach to suicide prevention, awareness and education. The problem was their blue boxes weren't reaching as many people as they could. “We needed to be seen,” Ali said, “and becoming a Purple Paladin changed all of that.”


In Ali’s own words, learn how Find Your Anchor is becoming unstoppable:



“I’m Ali Borowsky, and I’m becoming unstoppable”


When I founded Find Your Anchor, we were working from my living room. Then we moved to a storage unit. And now, we have our very own warehouse to collect shipments, pack boxes and create a warm, welcoming space for our community. And Grant Thornton has been by our side every step of the way.




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Find Your Anchor: Our journey (so far)



“Find Your Anchor was founded based on my lived experience, feeling like I didn’t matter. Since then, I’m proud of how I’ve found my voice and the ways I’ve learned to use it. The confidence, love and esteem that I’ve received from Grant Thornton has only lifted me up in that way.”


- Ali Borowsky,
  Founder and CEO, Find Your Anchor


As a Purple Paladin, we’re becoming unstoppable


We’ve been catapulted into new opportunities.


Being Purple Paladin has been the catalyst for so many different partnerships and opportunities. Leveraging our Purple Paladin partnership has sparked the interest of organizations like Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Foundation, the LA Lakers and various NFL teams. These partners have amplified our voice and given us a platform to reach people and communities we otherwise wouldn’t.


We’ve grown rapidly.


Since becoming a Purple Paladin, I’ve been able to leave my job to devote my work to Find Your Anchor full- time. We’ve also added two employees, and our awareness is growing because of it — we’ve reached 43 countries and we’re on track to launch 100,000 boxes by the end of this year.


We’re reaching more people who need us

I’m particularly proud of our expansion on school campuses and in seeing students’ growing interest in engaging with a mental health resource like ours. Today, we’ve partnered with 720 high schools and 76 college campuses — more than tripling our reach since before we became a Purple Paladin.

FYA  team with the kits

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A partnership beyond our expectations


Before becoming a Purple Paladin, I thought the partnership would be one and done – that we’d work with Grant Thornton for a short while and they’d move on. But it’s been the opposite of that. What’s surprised me is just how much Grant Thornton has stuck around and been true supporters and champions of Find Your Anchor every step of the way.



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At Grant Thornton, the people are different.
From meeting with leadership to presenting to nearly 1,000 new hires, everyone has shown that they truly care about our work.
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Grant Thornton continues to show up for us.
From organizing box-building events with nearly 500 employees to providing tax support, they continue to show that they walk to walk.
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The Purple Paladin community collaborates to reach new goals.
Working with Hope in a Box, we more than doubled our partnerships in high schools.
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