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“Dynacast’s growth has been rapid and it is predicated on quality and customer understanding. The company produces a remarkable array of metal components for customers all over the world. It is a high-tech operation and Grant Thornton is proud to serve a company that is shaping the future of the manufacturing industry.”


Mike Desmond, Partner, Grant Thornton



Precision in everything


“Chances are you pick up something every day that has a Dynacast component in it,” said Simon Newman, Dynacast’s Chairman and CEO. And it is a believable contention when considering how universal the companies are that incorporate Dynacast components in their products – Black & Decker, Canon, GE, Gillette, GoPro, Intel, and Samsung to name a few.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC and started in 1936 

by a German immigrant, Dynacast is a privately held global manufacturer of precision engineered metal components that can be found in everything from motorcycles to watches and satellite communication devices. The die casting and metal injection molding technology it employs in creating these parts is cutting edge and produces highly complex and detailed components that can fit in one’s hand and, in many cases, on one’s fingertip.

The applications of the company’s technology are many and are as diverse as its customers, which operate in a multitude of industries including automotive, customer electronics, and healthcare. So varied and diverse are its customers’ needs, that Dynacast manufactures more than 5 billion of these components each year, delivering them to clients the world over.


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Shaping the future


Dynacast serves customers with big ideas who are seeking to revolutionize their industries by creating safer, more powerful, longer lasting, more effective products that advance human experience and business efficiency. The ideas are abundant, the requirements are specific, and the need for customization is universal. 

Transforming these ideas into solutions is where Dynacast excels. The company’s 80+ year history is 

marked by the innovation and technological advancement necessary to meet constantly evolving customer needs. Dynacast’s innovation has made it an industry leader and a regular recipient of awards for technical achievement. The company has pioneered: 

- Thin-wall aluminum die casting that provides customers with smaller, lighter products at lower cost

- Precision engineering that eliminates costly machining for shorter lead time and improved yields
- Unique, high-speed multi-slide technology for improved customer product customization

Dynacast’s culture is marked by intellectual curiosity and continuous learning which, coupled with its relentless focus on quality, provides for the specialized solutions that meet its clients’ diverse needs.


Solid growth


Dynacast is a high-growth global business with plans to surpass $1 billion in revenue within the next year. While much of that growth is organic and due to the company’s innovation and customer intimacy, acquisitions have played a meaningful role in its ability to meet its customers’ needs and achieve the growth targets it has set for itself. Its 

most recent acquisitions include Signicast in the spring of 2017 and Taurus ’80 at the close of 2016.

For a company that prioritizes precision, quality, and unfailing execution, finding and integrating the right businesses to complement its current solutions is critical. In addition to serving as Dynacast’s audit 

provider since 2013, Grant Thornton’s Transaction Advisory Services practice works with the company throughout its acquisition lifecycle to ensure that its investments create the promised value and maximum returns needed to continue its strong growth trajectory.


“Dynacast’s success is rooted in customer understanding and our ability to deliver custom solutions that meet their specific needs. Grant Thornton takes the same approach in serving us. They understand our business and customize their services to meet our needs. Whether it’s their high-quality audit services or help to ensure that we capture value from a transaction, they know us and deliver for us.”


Adrian Murphy, CFO, Dynacast International Inc.



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