Status quo is buzzword bingo.
     Status Go is solutions that make sense.

Status quo is a dangerous thing.
It leads to atrophy in the living. Rust in machines. And for companies, it’s the number one killer of progress. So why do we stick to the same old way of doing things? That’s why Grant Thornton is replacing all-too-familiar hoops, hurdles and bureaucracy with passion, curiosity, focus on quality, and fresh thinking. Because at Grant Thornton, we are more eager, more agile, more collaborative, and therefore more poised to deliver you the best results possible. It’s not status quo. It’s Status Go. And it’s an approach our clients deserve.

Fresh thinking that moves you forward.

Status Go is more than just our vision. It is the way we approach challenges and solve problems. Read our latest thinking to see how we're tackling the topics impacting your business.

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