In uncertain times, the status quo is tempting. It seems smart. It seems safe. But, in reality, no matter what lies ahead, standing still will always be the greatest risk.

Because progress means we keep going. It means daring to press forward in the face of a new normal and an unknown tomorrow. It’s why we choose to embrace tomorrow’s challenges as opportunities and deliver the trusted insight and at-scale agility that gives our clients the confidence to do the same.

It’s not status quo. It’s an invitation to possible – to Status Go.
Take the shot

Waiting for the right moment could mean missing it. Don’t fall behind. Follow through like Rickie. Dare to swing.

Be heard

In a world of self-promotion, we aren’t afraid to put our clients first. Our personalized approach means we listen and letting the results speak for themselves.

Challenge the quo

The familiar approach won’t bring you anywhere new. At Grant Thornton, we dare to do things differently – and help our clients do the same.

The choice is obvious
Status quo may be what you’re used to but, we think Status Go is what you really deserve: a bold approach that embraces change – even for ourselves.

Status Go
an invitation to fresh thinking that drives you forward.


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