Guidance to benefit your company and employees
While the daily operations of benefit plans are handled by internal departments and third-party providers, the fiduciary responsibilities must be carried out by plan officers who often need assistance with the complexities. We can be your guides. Along with accurate, efficient and timely audits, we offer assessments and perspectives for recognizing opportunities and avoiding risk.

In serving our clients, we dedicate ourselves to learning about their business. Our services are tailored to address unique as well as common industry challenges. Through personalized interest and attention, we develop long-term relationships for continuity and continued enhancements.
Your greatest asset: Human capital down arrow
With a customized plan, every employee has the opportunity to contribute to your business success.
Cyber defense
A solid cyber defense is a cornerstone of your risk management, and we can help you plan, implement and maintain preventative measures that protect and adapt in the face of evolving attacks.
Third-party risk management
The role of third parties is changing, and so are your points of exposure. Our experience with audits can help you identify and address new third-party risks.
Sales and use tax services
Identification of tax overpayments or significant exposure for underpayments while reducing administrative burden.
Identity and access management
In many business sectors, internal negligence causes the majority of security incidents. We can help you shore up this weakness and efficiently enforce regulations by coordinating your processes, policies and technologies into an identity and access management framework.
Privacy and data protection
GDPR, CCPA and other evolving regulations are part of a growing push for consumer privacy. Our regulatory knowledge can help guide a comprehensive and agile approach that goes beyond reactive measures to make privacy a platform for building consumer trust.
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