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Structured products are an important source of funding for many companies, and an integral part of strategies for many investors seeking higher returns. The structuring and valuation of these securities requires asset-specific and process-specific expertise and resources.

At Grant Thornton, every structured products transaction receives senior-level attention. That is because every transaction is unique, and our senior-level team ensures that we consult the relevant professionals from throughout our firm’s comprehensive capabilities. Our professionals collaborate in real time, across business lines, to deliver the expert attention required for successful structured product solutions.
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Our team has forensic capabilities and experienced knowledge to provide essential litigation support. We have the ability to perform comparison procedures such as recalculating or comparing relevant characteristics to legal agreements (promissory notes, credit agreements, franchise agreements loan applications), appraisals, closing disclosure, settlement statements and other electronically available supporting documentation.
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Our team has the skills and experience to build custom tailored models for CLO and ABS transactions from underlying source documentation and given assumptions. By recalculating cash flow and waterfall projections, the weighted average life to call and maturity and principal balance at maturity, we can generate customized industry-specific outputs that drive informed decisions.
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Our team has the regulatory knowledge and analytical skill to help outline compliance by performing comparison procedures on offering documentation (preliminary and final offering memos, investor presentations, and SEC filings), recalculating or comparing the presented data to relevant characteristics.
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Our team can call upon deep skills throughout the organization to consider all of the factors involved in executing complex securities transactions, including offering memoranda, indentures, collateral verification (due diligence), regulatory compliance testing and related disclosures, deal structuring and cash flow tie-outs, model validations and the thorough review of payment date reports.

We understand and adapt to the fast-paced complexities faced by the deal team, using our streamlined “Circle Up Procedure Methodology to limit strain on the team’s valuable time while recalculating and validating financial templates, identifying anomalies or inconsistencies across large data sets based on relevant underlying support.
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Our team includes extensive experience from the accounting and investing side that understands the rules and requirements for allocation and carve outs, including the meaning and materiality of various tests and measures, and not just simple execution.
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Our team offers deep industry experience in investing and structuring from both the investing and servicing sides, so it can offer greater insights and knowledge than a team only comprised of service-side professionals.
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Our dedicated SPS team brings deep industry expertise and experience to all stages of the structured product life cycle, and all of the services you require:
  • Planning
  • Valuation
  • Structuring
  • Transaction