Technology strategies can fuel enterprise strategies
An organization’s enterprise strategy identifies emerging market forces and defines how the organization will support its growth. The expanding role of technology means that sound enterprise strategies must be fueled by sound technology strategies.

A well-defined technology strategy establishes clear alignment between technology capabilities and top business priorities. Alignment means the IT operating model generates enterprise value by driving stakeholder acceptance for IT spending and efficiency.

An effective technology strategy needs the support of partner solutions that are tailored to meet an organization’s unique challenges. Cloud-based or on-premise software solutions keep the business running with a sound architecture that supports your needs now and in the future.
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Capabilities: Organizations need a deep understanding of their technology capabilities to see how technology delivers value. We perform a capability maturity assessment and help evaluate and develop core technology capabilities that support growth and objectives.

Costs & Investments: Organizations transform costs and investments with precise benchmarking and a focus on future state architecture. We help you understand and evaluate your unique context and IT cost structure to benchmark against industry standards or best practices.

Operating Model: Organizations can only achieve an optimal future state by aligning the technology’s long-term support of the business. We help prioritize the roadmap and identify quick wins while enabling IT to engage with the business more effectively and operate at high productivity.
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To win business tomorrow, enterprises need to understand the technology needed at every level. The right software, thoroughly vetted and implemented, can enhance already-efficient processes and get work done even faster and cheaper. Grant Thornton helps identify mission-critical requirements, evaluate vendors, analyze costs and develop a roadmap to guide companies on their journey to successful software implementation. We work hand-in-hand with organizations to help ensure that the selected software and software partners are the right fit for success.
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Enterprise strategies need both an effective technology strategy and architecture. Grant Thornton performs in-depth technical architecture assessments, which help organizations identify the technology capabilities that organizations should adopt or modify from within, without or a combination of the two. Ultimately, the goal is to establish the hardware, software and integration strategy that will support the future state.
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Applications should not exist in siloes. They must be connected to both the business landscape of a corporation and its technology ecosystem. Grant Thornton develops business-driven and holistic Application Portfolio Strategies for our clients. This starts with identifying business components and technology capabilities. We then partner to develop a path forward for what is needed from the IT application portfolio to meet future business requirements. The strategy includes not just the applications themselves, but extends to people, process, technology, governance, support, training and culture lenses to ensure that each client’s application portfolio will be ready for future business needs.
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Technology has never played a more critical role in enabling business operations and engaging with customers. These capabilities can add intrinsic value to a transaction, but they can also introduce financial risk in cases where significant investment may be required to mitigate against cybersecurity threats, reduce technical debt or refactor custom developed platforms. We work with strategic and financial buyers across the M&A lifecycle from due diligence, where we identify IT and custom developed technology risks and opportunities, to Day 1, supporting integration or separation, and transforming operations to maximize value.
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The cloud platform has rapidly transformed the delivery of technology, and it's transforming entire business models and cost structures. Organizations are increasingly trying to understand what the cloud can do for them, embarking on sometimes highly complex cloud migration strategies and initiatives. A successful deployment of a cloud solution will increase margins and provide a competitive advantage. Our team of highly skilled professionals can help organizations find the optimal cloud solution and adopt cloud-based strategies and partners tailored to their specific needs.
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