Pandemic Risk Assessment

Finding the right response to the right risks. Right now.


When uncertainty is the new normal, standing still isn’t an option.


Our free assessment helps quantify your risk through data-driven analysis across multiple impact zones and risk factors. We’ll also show you tailored benchmarking by competitor or industry. Followed by recommendations for next steps. At no obligation.   


Our assessment offers actionable, data-driven analysis across four key impact zones and eight risk factors


Icon liquidity purple Icon liquidity red
Liquidity & cash flow mananagement
How much working capital is at risk today? What steps are you proactively taking to avoid insolvency issues?
Icon external factors purple Icon external factors red
External factors
How do you quantify and interpret the risk of hard to predict external factors on your supply operating model?
Icon people labor purple Icon people labor red
People & labor
How would devastating losses in planned labor or a steep increase in human capital impact your business?
Icon supply demand purple Icon supply demand red
Supply & demand
With supply chain execution at risk, how are you calibrating it with rapidly changing customer demand?

Our tool provides


Icon scorecard black Icon scorecard black
Custom resiliency scorecard
Featuring scores for each pandemic impact zone
Icon benchmarking black Icon benchmarking black
Competitive and industry benchmarking
Completely custom to help your company make the next move
Icon personalized black Icon personalized black
Personalized recommendations
Minimize your company’s unique risks

Be ready for what’s next


Our fast, data-driven assessment quantitatively determines your pandemic risks and offers focused resiliency plans to protect your business, customers and shareholders.


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