Our goal: Reduce carbon emissions by more than half

Dear friends, colleagues and clients, Grant Thornton LLP is dedicated to creating value for our clients, making a positive impact in society and achieving long-term success through good stewardship and sustainable business practices.

We know that for our firm to continue growing, we must do so responsibly. That’s why we are intensifying our efforts to manage our environmental footprint by setting a new goal: To reduce our carbon emissions by 55% by the year 2030.

We firmly believe that taking climate action is one of the world’s most critical priorities. Furthermore, we are pleased to pursue this goal and help protect the future for our families and communities — and for yours.

To learn more about Grant Thornton’s commitment to the environment, you can download our firm’s 2020 Sustainability Report here.

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Brad Preber

Dave Simprini
Brad Preber

Chief Executive Officer