AI governance boardroom essentials

Fostering trust through effective oversight


AI governance: Maximizing benefits, minimizing risks


Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming our world and presenting endless opportunities for businesses to transform strategies and operations, boosting efficiency and cutting costs.


Yet without cultural and ethical alignment, AI can introduce harmful bias and have unintended consequences for workforces and communities. Boards are key in ensuring AI’s benefits are maximized and risks are minimized, fostering a culture of responsibility and trust. Contact us – we’re here to help you get educated and to provide effective AI oversight.


Key AI insights for boards


Quick takes on AI governance


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AI governance: Plan for success

Boards need to lean into management’s deployment of AI and through oversight prevent generative AI from going on auto-pilot, according to Grant Thornton Chief Transformation Officer Enzo Santilli.


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AI governance: Track the risks

Board members need to be cognizant of what they’re trying to achieve with AI while also providing oversight of liability issues. DBD Insights CEO and board member Deborah Dunie explains how.


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AI governance: A manageable challenge

Directors need to ask management which AI risk framework is being used, understand the deployment approach, and monitor use cases, says Grant Thornton Chief Strategy Officer Chris Smith.


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AI governance: Hold management accountable

Grant Thornton’s Enzo Santilli explains how to include responsible progress on AI as a metric in management’s scorecard.


3 principles for governance over AI


Grant Thornton Chief Strategy Officer Chris Smith provides useful oversight tips




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