Tech M&A volume and value are down, so what's next?


In 2021, buyers started a feeding frenzy that chased tech valuations to the sky. Now, they've come back down and buyers are scrutinizing their options.


Private equity, big tech firms and companies outside the industry could be looking for deals right now. “They're going to be judicious, but I think they'll continue to acquire new product areas for their portfolios, or new architecture, and they'll get much more value for their money,” said Grant Thornton Technology and Telecommunications Industries National Leader Steven Perkins. “The need to keep pace with emerging architectures is a continual driver. AI, cloud, IoT and other architectures drive continual M&A activity in this industry.” 


It's time for buyers with the right support, strategy and opportunity to make critical moves. Find out more about the strategic opportunities in tech M&A.






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