Cloud-based ERP is global firm ‘success story’


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The search for scalability and process efficiency led a global enterprise to choose an Oracle ERP cloud system as the solution and Grant Thornton as the guide through implementation.

Having made seven international acquisitions in just the past two years, TTI Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway specialty distributor of electronic components based in Fort Worth, Texas, needed to go beyond replacing its legacy system. To serve a customer mix ranging from cell phone and engineering firms to autonomous vehicle developers to the U.S. Department of Defense, CFO Christopher Goodman set out to bring in “fresh perspective,” he said, to the question “Where can we be in five years that’ll last for the next 20 years?”

With Grant Thornton “a great partner to us,” Goodman said, “This technology gives us the guardrails to do things in a standardized, simplified way around the world. That foundational process, with the help of the technology, allows us to look globally, act locally, so that when we buy companies in jurisdictions outside the U.S., we’re able to move them into our operations quicker. It’s an easy-to-tell success story.”

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