My career has no labels

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s liberating at Grant Thornton

I thought there would be too many barriers for me to have a career in professional services. I didn’t have a traditional accounting degree and assumed that even if I did, I couldn’t be myself as an out member of the LGBTQ+ community. I expected that I would have to accept a job that I wasn’t passionate about and hide parts of my identity along the way. But it was Grant Thornton that broke down those barriers and showed me something better.

My path keeps expanding

During my student interview, the recruiter assured me that Grant Thornton welcomes differences including nontraditional backgrounds like mine. That was confirmed immediately, when a senior-level leader stepped in right away to help me get connected with a network of professionals who were already on a path I was exploring. This experience and many others give me the support I need to grow in a direction that matters to me.


“I embrace the challenge of helping others feel as open in the workplace as they do in the rest of their life.”

--  Nicholas Sanford

    Senior Manager, Tax Services


I’m exactly who I am at work

At Grant Thornton, I don’t have to cover aspects of my identity. I can be exactly who I am. I strive to lead by example and show others they can be who they are and have a place to belong — inside and outside of work. Here, my teammates have become really good friends and even helped me plan a surprise engagement for my boyfriend (he accepted!).


I’m proud to work with firm leaders

Here, I’m able to speak with leaders about what matters to me and know I’ll get an honest answer. A key experience was during an Equality GT — our LGBTQ+ business resource group (BRG) — call when I asked challenging questions of our CEO, and he answered candidly. He and other firm leaders are accessible for us. Whether they’re attending a Pride parade or joining drag bingo, they make sure to show up.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Icon made mark purple Icon made mark red
One way I’ve made my mark...
Was by organizing the firm’s first LGBTQ+ Pride march. The best part was that the CEO joined us.
Icon people surprised purple Icon people surprised red
It surprises people that I...
Sumo-wrestled in Japan. It’s as hard as it looks! It’s an experience I’ll never forget.
Icon hobby dog purple Icon hobby dog red
A hobby I picked up...
During the pandemic is fostering dogs. My ability to work from home helped make this possible, though I won’t be adopting all of them. My dog, Sriracha, doesn’t need permanent siblings.
Icon island theme purple Icon island theme red
We have an island theme...
For our travels right now. Singapore, Japan, Cuba — and Iceland, where I got engaged — are some of my favorites.

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