My career is what I make it

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s mine at Grant Thornton

I didn’t expect to have much choice in the direction of my career until I had more experience under my belt. I enjoyed the work I was doing to help make the world better for my clients. But because of my interest and background in the humanities (I was a philosophy major), I felt a drive to make a difference in people’s lives and to help improve the way we approach work. That passion made me want more from my career. But I thought that would mean waiting my turn and figuring it out on my own.

Leaders have opened new doors for me

Leaders here care about me and my career. They ask me about my aspirations — what I really want to do and where I want my career to go. After I took a short-term rotation in Culture Transformation and realized I’d like to stay on the team, Rashada Whitehead, who is head of Culture & Inclusion, took a vested interest in my development and went above and beyond to create a full-time position for me. This has changed my entire view of how I could pursue my passions within a career without waiting for someone to tell me it was my turn.


“Show up and bring yourself authentically. Great ideas are rooted in your experience, your life and what you want to fix.”

--  Myles Marshall

    Senior Associate, Culture Transformation


I make it my own

After a few months in the rotation, I knew I had found my path. There, I had the opportunity to address important topics in the workplace — like mental health and wellness, and racial equity — that I feel incredibly proud to work on. Each month I create Culture Conversation videos, content and guides that allow colleagues to have important discussions around our core values, topical issues and effective ways to bring our culture to life. I also helped shape the firm’s first-ever Spirit Week, a celebration of our remarkable culture and the ways we all show up for each other as part of our community.


I get to be me

My career reflects every part of me. I’m a creative thinker who’s also strategic and practical, and my work allows me to use all of those skills. I thought that because I’m not a strictly-business person, I’d be a fish out of water, having to work harder than everyone else just to fit into professional services. But I’ve found a place where I can express every side of myself and use all my talents. Instead of taking years to get started, I’m already moving in the direction I want to go.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Icon proudest moment achievement purple Icon proudest moment achievement red
My proudest achievement was...
Graduating magna cum laude from Morehouse College. Attending a historically black institution is important in my family, and it was a proud moment for us all.
Icon performance purple Icon performance red
If I were a superhero, my power would be...
Superintelligence. Most might say other powers like being able to fly, but with the right amount of brainpower, I could build a jet pack.
Icon award purple Icon award red
Not many people know I...
Am a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo. I trained for over eight years and have been in a few competitions. My family wanted me to learn the importance of discipline and hard work.
Icon help purple Icon help red
One way I keep in touch with my family is...
Enjoying weekly Sunday breakfasts to connect. Though we don’t get a chance to do it during the pandemic, we find other ways to check in with each other virtually in video calls and texts.

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