My culture gave me purpose

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s collaborative at Grant Thornton

When I started in professional services, I thought I would have to be strictly business. I expected to keep my head down and get my job done while everyone else did the same. But, at Grant Thornton, I’ve been valued as an individual and able to harness my passion to create a more inclusive workplace.

I didn’t know how important a compassionate culture was until my Latinx/Hispanic business resource group (BRG) showed me. As teammates, we listen to each other. We share perspectives, challenges and successes. I went from wondering if I have what it takes to knowing I’ll have support for whatever I take on.

My development matters

I feel empowered knowing our partners, leaders and my teammates care about me and my professional growth. They listen to my ideas and support me in making things happen, going above and beyond their day-to-day roles to empower me. I’m especially grateful for the senior-level Latinx/Hispanic BRG executive sponsors who’ve taken time to know me and my goals personally, and who are now my mentors.


“My main drive is making sure others have a safe space and sense of community to know that they belong.”

--  Hilda Carrasco

    Senior Associate, Advisory Services


I can be myself

I’m Mexican-American and the first-generation professional of my family. I have found community with others like me — while growing with those who are very different from me. Each of us is encouraged to be our real self — not just an “at-work” persona. Within my first year at Grant Thornton, I’ve had the opportunity to put my multicultural competency and bilingual skills to use with international clients in Mexico. Being able to be myself while collaborating as one community has shown me that inclusion is in reach. This has empowered me with the confidence to pursue opportunities and passions, like these, that I previously might not have thought were for me.


Empowered to create community

I’ve pursued my passion for creating spaces where others feel they belong. After a few months at Grant Thornton, I felt emboldened to reach out to firm leaders for their thoughts on how to begin. Based on a suggestion, I joined our local Chicago Latinx/Hispanic BRG and became a leadership team member. After gaining experience at the local level, I became the National Co-Coordinator in the Latinx/Hispanic BRG. I’m continuing the conversation with firm leadership around increasing our diverse talent. My most proud accomplishment has been working within the BRG to create a monthly Cafecito series. The goal is to provide a safe space for unfiltered conversations among BRG members across the firm to build relationships. All this has been possible thanks to the support I receive from leaders and teammates.


Contact me with questions about me or my story.


Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


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Favorite work-from-home perk...
Having fresh cooked meals at home, eating lunch with my parents and enjoying my evening walks with my family. It’s helped us catch up on the events of our day.
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My most fearless moment...
Choosing to study abroad in Hong Kong. It was a fresh start in making friends and getting accustomed to transportation systems, cuisine and customs. It took courage, but it was truly worth it.
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When we can travel again...
I’ll backpack in Peru. I want to travel to Lima, fly to Cusco, take a bus to Machu Picchu and continue the journey as I roam through different cities.
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Not many people know I like...
Law. In high school I was on the Midwest National Hispanic Institute debate team, which addressed issues affecting the Latino community. I considered pre-law before declaring my accounting major.

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