My career serves me and my country

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s my mission at Grant Thornton

Coming to Grant Thornton from a smaller company, I expected a high-performance environment where my work would be all that really mattered and where I’d be on my own to grow professionally. Making this shift, I also prepared myself to face obstacles in fulfilling my Army Reserve duties. But Grant Thornton proved me wrong — and put me on a path to something even better.

I have freedom and support

I chose Grant Thornton because I wanted more exposure to a larger variety of industries and clients. I knew there would be a lot to learn, but I didn’t know how much support I’d have to succeed and grow with these new experiences. Here, through development opportunities, continuous feedback and access to senior leadership, my leaders empower me equally with freedom to set ambitious goals and with help to meet them.


“It’s a great feeling to know that I’m not just the work I’m doing, that people genuinely care about me and not just the eight hours I’m here.”

--  Gary King

    Senior Associate, Advisory Services


I serve both clients and country

As a member of the Army Reserve, I’m required to take time away to maintain my training; I couldn’t do it without the support of my team. Leaders encourage me to take time off before and after my military service days or weeks. Colleagues and leaders are genuinely interested in hearing about my experiences, and several have introduced me to others at the firm who are also in the military or interested in joining.


My colleagues are comrades

Here, I’ve built a network of individuals I truly like, respect and trust, and with whom I can be my authentic self. Even working virtually, our leaders are great about organizing online gatherings to help us stay connected. I’ve also been touched by how active they are about checking in, expressing appreciation for my contributions and making sure I’m doing well.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Icon teaching purple Icon teaching Red
I enjoy teaching...
Others about life in the services. I love being on the education committee for our Veterans & Allies business resource group.
Icon crwafish purple Icon crwafish Red
I’m known for my...
Crawfish Etouffee. Born and raised in Louisiana, I love the food and the culture, and a lot of my family is here. I moved often with the Army and am glad to be back home enjoying America’s most colorful and unique culture.
Icon football purple Icon football Red
My favorite football game...
Was the 2011 national championship: LSU vs. Alabama in the heart of New Orleans. Nothing beats being in the French Quarter, on Bourbon Street and not dealing with good-natured hostility on the other turf. Geaux Tigers!
Icon movie purple Icon movie Red
The Princess and the Frog...
Is our five-year-old daughter’s favorite movie. I bet I’ve seen it 100 times (and counting) with her. It does help that the backdrop is New Orleans.

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