Manage a global workforce
Managing a global workforce to support your business strategy
Navigating an ever-changing global tax landscape is challenging for all employers. Effectively deploying your talent internationally can help businesses address these complexities while being tax-efficient and fully compliant.

At Grant Thornton, we advise global businesses on effective management of a global workforce. From international assignees and transfers to business travelers, our team provides business-minded solutions to the challenges and opportunities of operating internationally. Covering policy design and implementation, tax-efficient employment structuring, payroll management and all aspects of employer and employee compliance, we provide end-to-end assistance for internationally mobile employees to ensure your global employee mobility best supports business strategy.
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We provide proactive, pragmatic support to international companies to help them understand what change means for them, cutting through the noise to deliver effective solutions to challenges and opportunities in global mobility tax changes.
Global mobility compliance
Your business and employees face tax compliance obligations resulting from assignments, transfers and business travelers. Our U.S. and global teams work with you and your employees to ensure robust compliance, developing processes around your organization designed to maximize compliance.
Payroll complexity
A global workforce brings complexity for employers and payroll management is a key challenge. Our U.S. and international teams support companies in managing local obligations and shadow payroll to help companies report and pay taxes accurately across international locations.
Business travelers
In a globalized world, international business travel is critical to your business. A global workforce requires tax compliance issues companies must address promptly and efficiently. Our technology-enabled data analytics services provide the insight businesses need to address tax risk and compliance.
Policy and process design
Your policies and process for managing employee global mobility and taxes provide the framework for success. With broad experience across industries and public and private, our global mobility consultants’ advice helps align your mobility programs with global business strategy.
Remote workforce
Work has changed dramatically in recent times with employers shifting towards remote working in the long-term. We cut through the complexity and uncertainty to enable compliance, mitigate tax risk, and support the design and deployment of new remote working policies. Leveraging cutting edge analytics technology, we also provide the data insights and advice businesses need to effectively implement remote working as the world of work evolves.
Keep your business on the move
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