Manage privacy and data protection with OneTrust

How we work with OneTrust

OneTrust Grant Thornton plans, implements, and supports OneTrust solutions with comprehensive skills and experience in end-to-end privacy, data protection and third party risk management.

Here’s how Grant Thornton and OneTrust work together to help clients meet compliance demands and protect essential business data:

OneTrust provides
  • The most widely used platform to operationalize privacy, security & data governance
  • A large ecosystem of integration to help synchronize privacy data and scale privacy programs, developed from implementations at more than 10,000 companies worldwide
  • Flexible solution hosting and support arrangements to allow smooth operational transitions
  • Automation and ongoing updates that help you efficiently ensure data security

Grant Thornton provides
  • OneTrust-certified consultants and technologists that help configure and optimize OneTrust to support privacy compliance, third party risk management, data protection and business objectives
  • Diverse skill sets from a team of privacy lawyers, privacy compliance specialists and cybersecurity experts
  • Deep experience, insights and lessons learned from implementing privacy and data protection programs with Fortune 500 and Russel 2000 clients
  • Field-tested methodologies, tools, templates and other accelerators developed during dozens of engagements every year

Together, Grant Thornton and OneTrust help you roadmap, design, execute and support a strategy to maximize your privacy investment. It’s just one of the strategic alliances that help Grant Thornton drive more value for our customers.


Lindsay HohlerLindsay Hohler
Principal, Privacy and Data Protection
T +1 703 847 7529