Capture business knowledge with Ephesoft

How we work with Ephesoft

Ephesoft Grant Thornton offers tax and business expertise that helps Ephesoft intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions turn unstructured and disconnected data into business-driving knowledge.

Here’s how Grant Thornton and Ephesoft work together to help companies accelerate processes and streamline business functions:

Ephesoft provides
  • Customizable platform and turnkey applications for cloud, hybrid and on-premises architectures, allowing companies to streamline their document capture processes across networks, departments and locations
  • Capture-as-a-Service subscription-based model, with a flexible OpenAPI solution, for companies with widespread operations
  • Patented, supervised machine learning technology that reduces the overall document processing time by an average of 80% and increases employee productivity by as much as 400%

Grant Thornton provides
  • Proven experience in deploying and integrating Ephesoft at multiple clients
  • Expertise at capitalizing on the versatility of Ephesoft solutions, integrating the captured data with accounts payable, tax, mailroom, revenue recognition and other various functions
  • In-house experience with using the Ephesoft platform to improve processes and services

Together, Grant Thornton and Ephesoft will help you turn your paper-based and unstructured data into a powerful engine that can drive faster processes, streamlined tax functions and lead to more informed decision making. It’s just one of the strategic alliances that help Grant Thornton drive more value for our clients.


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